Copyright: Yours, Mine and Ours

I’m always a big advocate of sharing and many of my students who have received lots and lots of free material from me know this. But this course is like a book so I’m asking you to take the Pinkie Swear Pledge and read my Terms of Use for the protection of all the material found in the course:

The Pinkie Swear Pledge

(Raise a pinkie–I’ve got mine up)

Repeat to yourself (or out loud, whatever floats your boat):

As a writer who wants my own copyrights protected, I pinkie swear to honor Denise’s copyright on all materials that are part of this online course.

I promise to:

  • Use the paper and audio downloads only for myself; no copying and distributing of any downloads
  • Watch the videos within the course; no recording, downloading, or sharing

Oh. And…

I promise to:

  • Eat chocolate when I get the urge, in moderation
  • Celebrate each step along the way
  • Share my journey with other writers, including Denise, who will send cheerleading emails, blow raspberries at naysayers, and go to as many book signings as she can, depending on where she is in the country.


As writers with our own protected work, we respect copyright! If you want info on registering your manuscript, check this out:

U.S Copyright – Register a Copyright